Khiri, located in Jalan Besar along Hamilton Road, is a laid back, understated restaurant that dishes out down-to-earth, authentic flavours of Thailand. Our carefully paced tasting menus take diners on a pleasurable journey through Thailand. They are designed to offer a complete dining experience no matter your group size and are conceived to be both familiar and adventurous.

The name Khiri, which means “mountain” in Thai, represents strength, tranquillity, and the pursuit of greatness. The name is symbolic of the restaurant’s dedication to reaching new heights in culinary innovation. Head Chef Miller Mai’s tightly curated menus demonstrate a firm handle on the depth and breadth of Thai cuisine, carefully balancing the heady attraction of hot, sour, salty, and sweet with a restrained application of contemporary culinary techniques and thinking. His team harnesses the gastronomic potential of the multi-course format to offer a deliciously fun experience diners will crave for time and again.


A destination for unique and memorable dining experiences


Housed in a 1930s shophouse, our cosy restaurant is lined with traditional Thai folk art along one wall, which depicts ancient Thailand’s lifestyle and traditions. An eclectic playlist of mellow Thai tunes ranging from pop to rock adds to the relaxed, rustic urban vibe.

For a ringside view of the action in the open kitchen, guests may choose to be seated at one of the restaurant’s 10 counter seats at the chef’s table. The rest of the dining room offers versatile seating for both small and large groups of diners.

Khiri is perfect for every occasion — business meetings, date nights, celebrations or simply a night out with friends. Drop us a line at +65 8686 6169 for corporate events and group bookings for 6 guests or more.


Restaurant Khiri is a space that brings you into a contemporary Thai culinary speakeasy experience.

head Chef

miller mai

Chef Miller, who heads the kitchen at Khiri, brings a wealth of experience in translating familiar flavours with creativity. He first earned his stripes at age 13, assisting his father in the family’s tze char restaurant, gathering vital knowledge of what seduces diners’ palates and bellies. His near two decades of experience spanning Chinese, French, Italian and Japanese kitchens across Singapore includes stints at Tippling Club and Open Farm Community. The former head chef of Ding Dong memorably delivered witty, modern Southeast Asian plates that were rib-stickingly robust yet refined. His judicious use of contemporary kitchen techniques and his understanding of diners’ hunger for deliciously satiating meals — yield experiences that are witty, fun and seriously good.

Discover the culinary nuances of Thailand’s four regions: the north, the northeast, the south and the centre.


The tasting menu at Khiri changes throughout the year to offer diners new entry points into Thailand’s diverse regional cuisines. Our chefs’ deft balance of hot, sour, salty and sweet — the hallmarks of Thai cuisine — come to the fore in each dish, offering familiarity, pleasure and satisfaction with each menu change. The result is a slate of dishes that stay true to their origins on the palate and the emotions they evoke — while inviting guests to discover the subtleties of Thai cuisine from a new vantage point.

Khiri Tasting Menu | $148++

Koi Hoii Ngung Chang l กอ้ ยหอยงวงชา้ ง
Isan-stlye Geoduck Clam Laab with Assorted Herbs served with Puffed Rice Cracker


Pla Mhuk Yang Sai Oua l ปลาหมึกย่างไสอั้่ว
Charred Baby Squid filled with Northern Thai Sausage and Tangy Green Chili


Keang KhiaoWan Hoii Malangpu l แกงเขียวหวานหอยแมลงภู่
Spiced Tuscan Kale Soup & Irish Mussels with Silky Scallop Emulsion


Yum Som Choon l ยำ สม้ ฉุน
Juicy Pomelo Pulp, Salted Green Mango with Fermented Shrimp, Fresh Snake Fruits and Crispy Mixed Herbs


Khoong Mae Naam Yang Naam Jim l กุง้ แม่น้ำ ย่างน้ำ จิ้ม
King River Prawn, Baby Lotus Roots & Roasted Red Pepper Relish


*Keang Phed Priksod Mangkhod Kae Yang l แกงเผ็ดพริกสดมังคุดแกะย่าง
Grilled NZ Lamb Rack with Fragrant Mangosteen Fresh Herbs Curry


*Kaeng massaman sikhrong nuea thoon lแกงมัสมั่นซี่โครงเนื้อตนุ๋
Angus Beef Short Ribs slow cooked in our Rich and Fragrant Massaman Curry (+$22.00)


Sorbet Farang Naam PlaWan l ซอร์เบท์ฝรั่งน้ำ ปลาหวาน
Pink Guava Sorbet with Lemon Balm and Poached Star Anise Guava


Kaeng buad phueak chor pha-ga l แกงบวดเผือกช่อผกา
Homemade Royal Thai Dumpling with Silky Purple Yam Paste served Warm & House churned Coconut Ice Cream



Signature khao pad kid terng l ข้าวผัดปลากุเลาเค็ม
“a fried rice to remember” 6 month cured salted threadfin and crabmeat
$14.00 per bowl (min. order 2 bowls)


Premium Crystal fresh Water
Sparkling or Still (free flow) $5.00 per pax

Menu is subject to change. All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 9% GST